BaySide Artists


We had a common interest: creating fine art. We had a common passion: to transform this interest into a lucrative career. Casual conversations evolved into specific plans to organize ourselves into a committed group of local artists who would support each other as we focused on investigating the most effective means to market our art collectively…locally and beyond. United by our love of the creative process, we continue to exhibit our works in oils, acrylics, watercolours, and mixed media. The past eighteen months has seen our exhibitions at John B. Aird Gallery Toronto, Painter’s Hall, the Markham Theatre Gallery, Arabesque of Barrie, and Zephyr Gallery of Orillia. Our diverse group of nine, now known as the Bayside Artists, also maintains a rotating exhibition at Artistic Frameworks in Barrie and the Barrie Country Club, both venues which are open for the public’s enjoyment.

Patrons enjoy how Norma, Carmen and Pat capture their subjects with representational renderings, effective contrasts to Hala’s and Eileen’s large textured abstracts. MaryLynne spends many hours in the far North to bring back stunning images for her oil paintings of Icebergs and the northern landscape. Kate experiments with texture to create a surreal 3D effect with her abstract landscapes. A love of nature guides Margaret and Sheila, the latter producing large sunlight-drenched growing flowers, the former capturing moments in time in a homey, casual style.

While some of us are college graduates, others are continuing learners who regularly participate in workshops, seminars and week-long courses. Since art has been a passion with each of us since we were young, we are happy to have family support that is constant and unceasing…from helping to set up and tear down shows, to the spreading of news of upcoming exhibitions. A “never-give-up” attitude prevails, both inside and outside each of our homes.