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Come visit us, we would love to share our creations with you.
We enjoy all kinds of mediums and styles.
If you are looking for something simple or unusual you will find it with our group.

The Peter Street Fine Arts Gallery & Studio

This is a favored location for the Baysiders. They will be showing here again this year during the month of November 2019.


The Barrie Country Club


The rolling green hills of the Barrie Country Club is a beautiful setting for the baysider’s Paintings. The show here is on going, year round.


Spring Water Township


The Bayside 150th Canada Day painting is on loan to the Spring Water Township. It may be viewed during council in the township’s chambers.


Life is Short

Buy the artwork. Drink the wine. Order the dessert.

Jo Appleby


Art is an integral part of my life. When working on a piece, I am completely engaged in the process.


Mary Lynne Atkinson


I am drawn to the environment and my affinity to nature inspires me to paint in order to portray the beauty around me. Capturing a fleeting a time and space on a canvas is the ultimate challenge for me.


Kate Ramos


Have you ever considered what you would miss if you lost your sight?

As an artist, the idea of not being able to see paintings, and the beauty around me in general, brings me deep sadness. This sadness created a desire inside of me to somehow include the unsighted with viewing my artwork.


Margaret Paradis


Margaret’s oil paintings and watercolours are influenced by the colours and textures of nature, and they often depict pastoral scenes and landscapes.


Carmen Prieto

Carmen loves Nature in all its expressions, she paints a variety of themes (landscapes, people, animals.). 

Eileen Sweeney


Eileen’s abstract paintings are expressionistic in style, yet contemplative. She draws inspiration for her smaller landscape paintings from the people and places around her.


Pat Guinn


To focus on human or animal subjects is my preference, my goal being to capture the spirituality of God?s creations with a realistic likeness.? Landscapes and flowers, magnificent examples of God?s powers, often become the focus of my artistic imagery, but I will attempt a humourous subject from time to time


Silvija Hord


Silvija is a visual artist working primarily in acrylics and India ink. She studied Visual Arts at York University and holds a Graphic Arts degree from Ryerson University.


Janet Wallace


Our newest member for BaySide Artists.


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